A fascinating replacement

The Old Forge’s radiates with it’s glory of the past

Between the Rödertor and Galgentor towers is the Old Forge or the Gerlachschmiede. It is, with its petite and pretty gabled windows – even though only a replica – one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in Rothenburg . Before 1945, the house was only a barn with a gable and exposed brickwork . It was completely destroyed during an air raid in 1945 and only built again around 1951. It was restored according to its old appearance, but with historical designs and a timbered gable. The coat of arms plaque with the winning line is a creation of the legendary Georg Gerlach, the blacksmith.

Until 1967 the forge was still active as a blacksmith’s workshop, but has since closed and is in private hands.

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