Transformed from a hospital to a church

The church of the Holy Spirit was always a place of sanctuary

The nice quirk of the Franciscan church is its evocative atmosphere that will bring you peace of mind and soul . Here visitors can find space for silence and time for prayer. Also called the St. Mary’s Church, it is one of the oldest basilicas in Rothenburg . It was consecrated in 1309. Within the church is the altar of St. Francis ( 1490), an early work by Tilman Riemenschneider .

The head of the Franciscans, Martin Black was also a painter and has created the altar in the colour of St Francis. Particularly interesting are next to the modern glass windows by the artist Johannes Schreiter also called the wooden ” rood screen “.

This made sure that in the house of God monks and laymen were spatially separated. There is also the impressive display of Calvary in the construction of the church. Visitors will find the Franciscan church in the Lord’s alley on the corner of the Heringsbronnengasse streets next to the Montessori school.

Opening times:
from sunrise to sunset

Parish of the Holy Spirit
Spitalgasse 46, 91541 Rothenburg

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