A nostalgic experience

The Little Square – wonderful ensemble as a living postcard motif

The Little Square is a fork in the road and a former fish emporium overlooking Sieberstor and Kobolzellertor in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Because of its beauty and romance, it is one of the best places for postcard designs and pictures. Surrounded by half-timbered houses and overlooking the White Tower it is a wonderful nostalgic experience in this delightful ensemble. The word originates from the Latin Plönlein of ” planum ” , which means ” flat place”. Both gate towers were built in the first expansion of the city in1204. The Kobolzeller Tower secured the entrance to the city from the Tauber Valley ago. The Sieber tower which was reinforced with rough quarried stone formed the southern portal to the 14th Century, and the hospital district was included in the city’s fortifications.

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