The city from below

Life as it was over 300 years ago depicted in the Dungeon and history vault in Rothenburg

This exciting vaulted dungeon shows life as it was experienced by prisoners over 300 years ago. Nestled under the town hall, the state dungeon has an oppressive feel and a coldness that numbs you right under your skin. Rothenburg was besieged and finally conquered during the 30 years war by the Catholic troops of Count Johann Tserclaes Tilly and the prisoners thrown in here.

It was used as a torture chamber and visitors can get a real feel for the prison conditions of the time. The most famous citizen of Rothenburg, Mayor Henry Toppler was also imprisoned here.

Using real life figures the museum impressively recreates little stories which represent the different situations which could have taken place in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are re-creations of a writing room and a guardroom from the period, for example. The entrance to the museum is located in the City Hall courtyard. This is accessible via an access lane from the Hermes right at the market . The State dungeon is – not surprisingly – below the town hall. Those of a ghoulish disposition should not miss it!.

Opening times:
4 to 31 March 12-16
1 to 30 April : 10-16
1 May to 1 November : 9.30-17.30
2 to 30 November : 13-16 ( Sat + Sun 10-16 )
1 to 23 December : 13-16 ( Sat + Sun 10-19 clock )
(Subject to change !)

Historic Festival 1631 The Master Draught
Atrium of City Hall, 91541 Rothenburg

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