The Wedding Church

Two kilometers from Rothenburg is the St. Peter and Paul’s Church

The St. Peter and Paul’s Church is located two kilometers away from Rothenburg in the small village of Detwang, a former kingdom in the Tauber Valley. It is among the few well known wedding churches in Germany. It can be hiked in twenty minutes from Rothenburg Castle Gardens to the countryside. It has a 1,000 year old history and has an precious relic cross from 1056 AD. The jambs of the windows are painted with leaves, flowers and enigmatic Harlequins in the fresco technique. The Holy Cross altar carved by Tilman Riemenscheider in 1510 is under the tower of the mystical embossed choir. The impressive Gothic arches, under which stand side altars, give the Church the character of a small town refuge. The dead light featured outside is carved from a single block of stone and reminds the passerby of the resurrection .
Opening times:

April-October: 8.30-12 and 13.30-17.00
( June 1 to September 14 . To 18.00 )
November-March: 10-12 and 14-16
Closed Mondays during winter


Parish Detwang
Monastery Gasse 15, 91541 Rothenburg

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