Blessing of the water

St. John’s Well provides its surroundings for over 400 years with the delicious wet

The locust fountain got its name from St John’s Church, where it was set up in 1607. About a hundred years later, its appearance in 1716 was adapted to the main fountain of Rothenburg in the style of the Renaissance. For over 400 years the locust wells supplied its immediate environment with reliable water and inspired visitors and locals with its ornaments: Aquarius sits in noble silence on the fountain column, he embodies the blessing of the water. A curiosity relates to its capacity , which is to ” load of 20 , 23 degree ” securitized. A tun is an old measure of capacity, which was mainly used for wine and beer. Depending on the region it holds a load of between 800 and 1,000 thousand liters. St. John’s fountain was supplied as a floating water fountain from the fountain in the old cellar, which in turn depended on sources further uphill from the Röder fountain in the Rödergasse of Rothenburg.

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