Magnificent ensemble

The Meat and Dance House combines interesting architecture and contemporary art

In 1240, the old Rothenburg Town Hall burned down completely. At its foundation, the meat and dance house was built on today’s market, which is an interesting contrast to the architectural character of the slim patrician house with its half timbered gable rising steeply into the sky. Along with the Marienapotheke and Georgsbrunnen it forms a magnificent ensemble. In earlier times there was dancing and celebrations in the vaulted rooms on the upper floor, while below the butchers sold their wares.The upper floor is a place of beautiful garments – the Historical Festival has its stores here. The basement is the most important meeting place for contemporary art in the city.

Here, founded in 1923, the Rothenburg Künstlerbund art collective has its home and shows a rich selection of the works of its 200 members in an interesting permanent exhibition.

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