Lobby Bar TV Room and Games Room

Lobby Bar TV Room and Games Room

The lobby bar of the Hotel Goldener Hirsch is a byword for your arrival, enjoyment, and pleasure.
Here our guests will experience the inspiring atmosphere between the reception, TV room and game room.

There is a great atmosphere in the hotel for informative, cozy and inspiring meetings for a relaxed private exchange. In winter, a blazing fire burns in the fireplace and even in summer you may hold a fruity Franconian wine, a well-groomed Pils, a spicy white beer or a noble brandy, for example the noble “Edelbrandsommelier” Hubert Rothbauer from Aigen am Inn in your hand.

Of course, you can also just read a good book, browse through our magazines, or review the quiet bustle of international guests. Whether you are waiting for your meeting in our Lobby bar, maintaining an entertaining small talk or simply taking a quick breather, you will feel the international flair of Rothenburg.

Use this small break for your personal interests. If you are looking for important news or just want to know more, you can use the free Wi-Fi and listen to the news in the TV room. Or also a quiet chess party with a selected Cognac can be a wonderful experience here. And if you want to watch the soccer game in the evening, just close the door and enjoy your game with a Gutmann wheat beer.

You also want an active game? – No problem, on the ground floor you will find our playroom. Enjoy an exciting game of air hockey, try out various board and card games, have a round of Rummy or Bridge, or play a perfect game of pool-billiards with your loved ones using our in-house table kicker. The large space offers room for larger groups and allows for the laughter and the happiness that you generate. There are plenty of seats so you can easily watch your children and enjoy the scenery of the famous Leyk houses.

No matter how you spend your time, your stay will be a memorable one.

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